Communal Space in Underutilized Atrium

After completing the award winning Lobby and Façade Renovation at 101 North Tryon (formerly Independence Center), building owners turned their attention to the underutilized space next door, the Atrium. With high ceilings, lots of glass, and exposed structure, this vast area serves as an indoor connection between the 20-story office tower and adjacent Marriott Hotel.

The newly renovated Atrium at 101 N. Tryon Street

Wagner Murray was engaged to develop a plan to reactivate this space, which had continually been under-programmed over the years. Between office tenants and hotel guests, many people move through this space each day. The goal was to create a visually appealing communal environment that people would utilize on a daily basis, instead of simply using to pass through from point A to point B.

With a modest budget in hand, our team began looking at ways to consider human scale in such a large space, and also how we would create opportunities for people to touch down for both a private phone call, or an impromptu group meeting. A combination of features were implemented to create the desired environment.

An oversized commissioned art collage highlights iconic Charlotte culture

A show-stopping hanging installation made up of 120 acrylic fins and suspended lights, forms a canopy to accentuate the atrium’s volume. This feature along with the bright furnishings and custom artwork, create a compelling visual effect and implements an approachable human scale. Planters are placed throughout for added interest while creating barriers for privacy between furniture groupings.

Design elements throughout the Atrium generate an aesthetic connection to the adjacent renovated lobby while still defining this space as unique and independent.

The perfect space for touch-down work or casual coffee meetings