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David K. Wagner | Wagner Murray Architects
Wagner Murray Architects, P.A. 601 S. Cedar St., Studio 101 Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 372-8603

David K. Wagner, AIA is President of Wagner Murray Architects.

Wagner Murray Architects has grown and sustained a small, but vital practice in Charlotte, NC. From its outset, its two principals, David K. Wagner and Michael J. Murray, were committed to providing hands-on, principal-based design. As a result, over the history of the company, the firm has been able to maintain a consistent and growing client base, along with providing and producing large-scale projects that would typically be advocated by larger firms.

Their practice crosses a wide-range of disciplines, including industrial design, graphic design and self-created, in-house art installations. Although their work does not insinuate a certain style or precedent, its strives to maintain a level of originality and continuity. Each project then becomes a challenge and thus activating a creative process that includes historical precedent, investigation and client goals and expectations for each commission.

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