Carolina Panthers: Concourses

The Carolina Panthers tasked us with renovating the 100 and 500 level concourses to bring together a wide variety of retail kiosks, concession stands and beverage stations to create a seamless, fan-friendly experience. To accomplish this goal, we thoughtfully designed the materials, signage and lighting to highlight areas of fan engagement and bring organization to the concourses. One such defining design element, the Walk of History, includes 24, eight-foot tall banners spanning the width of the concourse strategically placed at specific column locations. The bottom of each banner is set along an imaginary datum line that defines a hierarchy of focus. The Walk of History engages fans in the monumental 20-year history of the Carolina Panthers as they walk through the concourse.

Architect, Interior Designer, Environmental Graphic Designer
Cost & Size
$35.5 Million | 186,200 SF

The value

We’ve worked with the Carolina Panthers for over 25 years to add value to Bank of American Stadium through great design. After the renovation, an analysis of concession sales reports showed higher food and beverage sales as well as retail sales compared to the previous season. The increase was attributed to accessible design elements such as digital menu boards and opening the retail spaces so that fans could easily walk through them to browse the team merchandise.