Carolina Panthers: Video board and Ribbon board

Upgrades to Bank of America Stadium included designing and installing new video board and ribbon boards, complete with a distributed digital sound system and architectural lighting. The stadium is a fixture in the Charlotte skyline so we knew the video board needed to make a splash on the outside of the stadium, while providing crisp video footage of the action on the field inside of the stadium. With meticulous attention to detail, we designed a 32:9 video board that is approximately five stories high and 20 stories wide, with three flagpoles on top, adding an additional 27 feet. We also designed two ribbon boards, one dedicated to displaying stats and the second dedicated to showcasing revenue-generating sponsor content.

Design and Construction Architect
Cost & Size
$35 Million
Ribbon Board: 3,900 LF x 6’ tall
Video Board: 11,200 SF, 56’ high x 199’ wide.


Even though the videoboard and ribbonboards are over 800 feet above eye level, we took care of even the tiniest details, like the seaming pattern for the metal perforations, so that the boards would look and work perfectly.