Charlotte Mecklenburg Library: Hickory Grove BRANCH

The Hickory Grove Branch Library came to us to help them increase the library’s space to better serve its fast-growing community. The goals for the new branch were to create an environmentally sustainable, LEED-certified library that serves as a community center and provides resources to encourage children to read. Achieving these goals on a public budget required meticulous planning on our part. To create an environmentally sustainable building, we locally sourced many of the materials, installed energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems, used high-performance glazed windows and sun shades to reduce heating and cooling costs, installed low-flow toilets and motion-sensor faucets, and worked with low emitting adhesives, paints and carpets.

We divided the interior of the building into sections for adults, young adults and children with the circulation desk and reading room in the center. Additionally, we created a large community room with its own access and kitchen facilities to allow the community to use the library during extended hours for social events. In keeping with the environmental theme, we designed a large oak tree to canopy the children’s area, along with a pebble walk and tables with recycled glass counter tops.

Architect, Interior Designer, and FFE Selection
Cost & Size
$2.9 Million | 16,000 SF

The pAYoff

According to Mecklenburg County calculations, the energy performance of the Hickory Grove Library was approximately 34 percent better than a conventional building of its size, which is more than double the original prediction of energy cost savings.