Indian Motorcycle is America’s First Motorcycle Company. The brand was first introduced in the early part of the 20th Century as a racing bicycle fabricator. Since then, the company has evolved many new facets of its motorsport brand identity. When approached in 2007 by the client, Indian had just opened a manufacturing facility in Kings Mountain, NC. Our client tasked us with developing a new and memorable visual identity for Indian to match the direction taken by the reformed company. Thus, the integration of a stylized entry feature for the store was developed.

The iconic entry, a scaled Indian motorcycle fender, complete with a front reflector, is an eye-catching architectural detail seen from the adjacent interstate. Day or night, its curvilinear rise from the horizon exemplifies the company’s visual heritage: a legend built on being fast and innovative.

Similarly, the interior is modern Americana: stacked-stone wall panels, oversized leather seating, custom fabricated steel and wood retail fixtures, and polished chrome platforms to showcase a collection of current and vintage bikes. Along the back wall, customers will see the quintessential Warbonnet logo, comprised of over 250 nail heads fastened in red leather-wrapped wall panels.

This was the first of the series of prototype stores for the brand. The store’s program include 4500 SF of retail sales area for the motorcycles and exclusive merchandise, as well as 2500SF of integrated service area that included a small meeting space for motorcycle training, riding and 1000SF of informative history of Indian Motorcycle.

Architect and Interior Designer
Cost & Size
$2.5 Million | 12,000 SF


Almost 6,000 people attended the store's grand opening in October 2008 to celebrate a great beginning to the rebirth of this legendary brand. This was the first Indian dealer in the country and has been the sales leader ever since.