Levine Museum of the New South

The Levine Museum of the New South encourages visitors to explore and appreciate the diverse history of the South since the Civil War, with special focus on Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We worked with leadership to renovate and redesign the museum, which contains 20,000 square feet of permanent and temporary exhibit space and a central atrium to host community events and special functions, including weddings. We used a combination of architectural styles to create a grand entrance to the building, providing a dynamic connection between past, present and future. A wall of glass windows surrounds the entry, welcome center and lobby, creating a lively and inviting street presence. Inside the Museum, the atrium offers a truly spectacular space to host a variety of events. Wagner Murray continues to provide consulting services to the museum, and has remained a trusted advisor to the director and staff.

Cost & Size
$6.1 Million | 40,000 SF

Lasting Impression

Almost 20 years after its opening, the timeless design of the Levine Museum of the New South remains relevant. The museum offers the chance to reflect on history while celebrating the future, as communicated by the monumental glass windows and impressive interior. The Museum remains actively engaged in the city fabric by offering important exhibits, while hosting and supporting community events.