Originally constructed in the 1960s, this four-story office building on Kings Drive was in need of an update to reposition it in the community. With booming development in the adjacent Metropolitan complex, and creation of the Midtown Park surrounding Little Sugar Creek, the neighborhood was quickly becoming a destination for Charlotte professionals.

We kept the Midtown Centre’s existing building shell intact, focusing design attention on a new entry feature with striking architectural lines to draw people into the building. Streamlined signage and lighting adorns the entry.

Inside the building, we upgraded all lobbies, public corridors, restrooms, and elevator cabs with a modern transitional design, balancing warm wood millwork and simple lighting with colorful paintings and bright fabric. A central conference room was updated as a public amenity to tenants in the building with the same finishes from the lobbies and corridors for a consistent design aesthetic throughout the building.

Architect and Interior Designer
65,298  SF

The Takeaway

Booming development around Midtown Centre prompted the building’s owners to rethink its image in the community. We designed a striking new entry and upgraded the interior to help modernize Midtown Centre and keep up with the neighborhood’s growth. The building now continues to hold a 90% lease rate, and remains in high demand from prospective tenants.