Ridge Creek West I is part of Ridge Creek West Distribution Center located in Charlotte, NC. It is a 310,000 square foot, one-story multi-tenant facility that offers an excellent industrial location for manufacturing and distribution businesses. The design of the building is simple yet modern, featuring a prominent corner entry with large windows and overlapping architectural elements that add interest by extending past the edge of the building. Structured as a rear-loading facility, five individual entrances were created along the front facade for tenants, utilizing the same architectural elements on a smaller scale. Ridge Creek West II, the second building in this center, is slightly smaller at 216,000 square feet, but follows the same design and layout.

Cost & Size
$14.7 Million | 526,000 SF

The Takeaway

At over 500,000 total square feet, this industrial complex utilizes modern architectural design that allows building owners to attract top notch tenants. The floor plan is organized in a way that allows for shipping in the back, and is suitable for corporate regional offices in the front.