Sports facilities across the country are shifting accommodations to center on the fan experience. The Buccaneers envisioned a sports bar destination for pre and post-game gatherings that could be enjoyed by any football fan, but directly celebrates the Buccaneers. Our design team successfully executed this vision by converting the underutilized East Atrium into Bar 76.

Named in honor of the team’s 1976 inaugural season, the renovation boasts a notable 76-foot-long bar at its heart, where patrons can choose from 76 different beers. Above the bar, two impressive LED video boards are flanked by helmets of all 32 NFL teams. A mix of custom wood communal tables and freestanding bar tops generate opportunities for people to gather while viewing over 50 high definition TVs. Drawing fans into the back dining area is a third LED video board, and three football ceiling clouds with red LED cove lighting. Fans also have access to purchase food from an array of culinary stations. With the space programmed to be utilized for private events, these buffet and point-of-sale stations required a mobile design for maximum flexibility.

Architect and Interior Designer
Cost & Size
$4 Million | 9,460 SF


By implementing innovative design solutions and creative branding, Bar 76 has become THE destination game day meet ups and private events, therefore greatly increasing revenue for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.