Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Hall of Fame Clubs

With the NFL focused on creating extraordinary fan experiences, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to introduce new luxury spaces for fans to watch games with unmatched amenities. They tapped us to create two all-inclusive clubs, dubbed Hall of Fame (HOF) Club North and Club South. We created the two clubs as mirror images of one another, helping streamline operations and ensuring equal amenities and value for ticketholders. Each club has distinct design features to appeal to different fans. Club South features rich woods, stone accents, and classic lighting for an upscale transitional design, while Club North showcases edgy ceiling features and metal elements contrasted by reclaimed wood for a contemporary eclectic vibe. Both clubs have an expansive Nanawall sliding glass wall system, 250’ and 300’ long each, providing unobstructed 180-degree views of the field for an open-air, fully immersive game day experience.

Architect, Interior Designer, FFE Selection and Procurement
Cost & Size
$10.1 Million | 21,465 SF

The result

Accommodating 224 people and providing 180-degree panoramic stadium views, the two luxury clubs were in such high demand their first season that team owners decided to expand the North Hall of Fame Club. The expansion added 3,750 square feet and 101 additional ticketed seats, all of which sold out before construction was complete.