Fans purchasing tickets in the West Club expect a certain level of luxury – the 6,000 ticketholders buy an exclusive and immersive game-day experience. The club was untouched since our firm’s original design almost 20 years ago, so the Buccaneers’ owners asked us to upgrade the space to keep it competitive with the newer stadiums in the NFL.

We created a space with unmatched amenities to encourage fans to interact and linger inside, without missing the action on the field. The design boasts large format LED video boards at each end of the 60,000 square foot club, along with 178 televisions, LCD video boards behind two bars, and a 121-foot curved LED ribbon board displaying live game statistics. The added technology and new sound system ensures fans won’t miss a moment.

Originally overlooking an atrium three stories below, the club floor slab was extended to the exterior curtain wall to add 6,200 square feet and a third premium bar. A millwork football portal is the centerpiece of the design, captivating guests as they enter the new bar area. Strategically integrating the Buccaneers’ colors immerses fans in team culture while high-end finishes, custom furniture, and a red backlit bar-top enforce the notion that luxury is in the details.

We also added six small specialty concession stands to provide unique food offerings outside the standard game-day food. These concessions were converted from previously underutilized storage closets, transforming dead space into revenue generating areas, while reducing lines at the four main concession stands.

As the Buccaneers say, “This is Gameday, Reimagined.”

Architect, Interior Designer, FFE Selection and Procurement
Cost & Size
$15 Million | 60,240 SF

The Takeaway

Combining precise engineering, architectural detailing and beautiful finishes, the upgraded West Club with its now iconic football portal is a creative feat of architectural design. The 40’ long football has become the ideal social media photo-op and is an integral part of the game day experience for club ticketholders.