Inspired by the concept of a classic manor home, the owners of Taylor, Richard & Conger came to us with the idea to divide their specialty clothing store into a series of refined and intimate sub-rooms. In alignment with their vision, we designed each room to be tailored to its specific use. For example, we created a vaulted ceiling in the main lobby to invoke a great hall, artfully arranging mannequins like sentinels along the wall. We designed the made-to-measure room with a cozy fireplace and wood paneling while the accessories alcove houses a large, beautifully detailed cabinet. The sportswear area is octagonal-shaped like a game room, with stained concrete floors, rustic cedar woodwork and plantation shutters. We crafted illuminated columns to set off the women’s wear section and we used lighter wood colors, materials and textures to create a graceful contrast to the the tailored appearance of the men’s rooms.

Architect and Interior Designer
7,111 SF

The Takeaway

After 17 years in the specialty clothing business, the owners of Taylor, Richards and Conger contacted us to help them redefine the retail experience for their customers. With breakout vignettes designed to reinforce the bespoke nature of the brand, the store creates an alluring environment that helps ownership keep the doors open another 17 years. A rarity in the retail business, the store achieves a timeless design.