The Green

The Green is a one-and-a-half-acre park located in Charlotte’s Center City that provides a breath of fresh air in an area of rapidly expanding urban development. The park sits on top of an underground parking deck and connects a 200-year-old church to retail shops and condominiums. We designed the park to incorporate nine art projects from six artists that fit with the park’s overall theme of education and literacy, including large-scale sculptures and water features. One of our architects personally served on the arts administration committee to select the artists. The Green was honored with an international design award for one of the best small public parks in the world, along with a Community Excellence Award from NAIOP.

Design and Construction Architect
$40 Million

The Takeaway

To create The Green, our team stepped outside of the traditional boundaries of architecture. With the client's vision of creating a significant urban public space, this award-winning park connects old and new development and has been the catalyst for future development in Charlotte's Center City.