Wagner Murray Is Here For You

Businesses around the country are beginning to reopen, but we know that it will be far from “business as usual” for quite some time. How we shop, eat, work, and play are all different now.

Here at Wagner Murray, we want you to know that we are here to support you. As the world around us changes, we stay committed to developing creative solutions for any problem you face.

Just a few ways we can help…

  • Space Planning + Visualization – We can assist in developing new layouts for your business that will support social distancing guidelines and safety precautions. Our team utilizes modeling and rendering tools to help you understand and visualize the changes.
  • Workspace Restructuring – As more businesses have become comfortable with employees working remotely, we foresee the reduction of physical office space as an upcoming trend. We can help you assess your programmatic needs, and restructure your work environment to reduce overall footprint, leading to cost savings in rent and upkeep.
  • Furniture + Fixture Sourcing – Is your open office desking, or communal dining table, no longer desirable? We can help you select and procure new items to give everyone a little space.
  • Value Engineering – Were you planning to do a project in 2020 but are now unsure due to economic setbacks? Our team can review project scope, adjust budgets, or make design revisions to get you back on track.
  • Adaptable Project Approach – Whether you need to meet virtually, deal solely through email, or have samples sent to your home for review, we are prepared to offer project support in whatever way works best for your current situation.

As a local small business, our firm and employees have made our fair share of adjustments during this trying time. We understand that you have also had similar experiences through this pandemic.

Whether you had technical issues trying to work remotely, are juggling parenting or teaching children while working from home, celebrated a birthday or milestone in isolation, or are worried about elderly parents… we’ve been there too. We will get through this together.

Wagner Murray is committed to staying agile and creatively adapting so that we can continue to serve you with purpose.