Wagner Murray’s Restaurant Resume Full of Firsts

Lumiere French Kitchen (Charlotte, NC)

Wagner Murray’s restaurant work was featured in the Greater Charlotte Hospitality Magazine, July/August issue that hit mailboxes recently. This magazine is produced by the local Hospitality and Tourism Alliance (HTA).

Check out the featured article Wagner Murray’s Restaurant Resume Full of Firsts, which includes Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, American Roadside Burgers, and Lumiere French Kitchen, to name a few.

This piece was published just in time for Queen’s Feast Charlotte Restaurant Week, which gives Charlotte residents the opportunity to experience the booming local restaurant scene with an amazing bi-annual promotion. In addition to the projects listed above, did you know that Wagner Murray designed four of the participating restaurants on this years list? Oldstone Steakhouse, Webb Custom Kitchen, Pisces Sushi Bar, and Harper’s Carolina Place, are all part of our restaurant portfolio. Have you taken advantage of Queen’s Feast yet? If not, check out one of these restaurants this weekend!

What restaurant project should we be working on next? Drop us a line and let us know!

Webb Custom Kitchen (Gastonia, NC)