Wagner Murray Wins Two Honorable Mentions in International Competition

The London International Creative Competition recognizes and rewards the world’s most fresh and progressive talents. The LICC Award identifies innovative and expressive art and design across a diverse range of formats, from printmaking and photography, to fashion, architecture and more. As they state on their website, “We’re not looking for anything done by-the-book. We’re looking for work that is as visual as it is vital.”

Wagner Murray was awarded Honorable Mentions for two projects in the Architecture category, our Rail Bridge Lighting Project, and the Conceptual Rail Greenway Project.

Conceptual Rail Greenway Project

Greenways are becoming an essential part of urban design. They enhance the long term connections between buildings, infrastructure, and future urban developments, while greatly impacting social and economic conditions. They are an ideal platform for innovative accessibility and placemaking in our communities.

This proposed greenway project will run along the commuter rail to the Charlotte Gateway station, connecting local neighborhoods and destinations to the transit hub. By utilizing the themes of Move, Commute, Rest, Play, and Listen, we are able to create opportunities for interaction along the greenway, while engaging the senses at various scales.

Greenway Master Plan Concept
Greenway Concept Rendering

Rail Bridge Lighting Interventions

In conjunction with the Charlotte Gateway Station project, we have created a series of aesthetic solutions to three rail bridges / underpasses that add both bold daylight color and colorful nighttime illumination to areas that were previously dark and somewhat forbidding. You can read more about this project in our previous blog post, Bridging Community Through Design.

Trade Street Bridge – Night Rendering